CableGrid is the exclusive distributor for KEI Cables India’s complete range of Cable and Accessories products in Australia and New Zealand. KEI, as a leading high voltage cable manufacturer in India that has a state of art high voltage cable plant that uses German technology and features a manufacturing capability of Upto 420V.

High Voltage cables at KEI are manufactured as outlined with AS/NZS 1429.1 and other relevant specifications.

Our High Voltage cables are manufactured using latest in technology triple layer extrusion, with Semiconducting bonded conductor screen, XLPE or TR-XLPE or EPR insulation and over semiconducting layer in one continuous process, ensuring longer cable lifespan with minimal breakdowns. XLPE use in cables ensures excellent Electrical and Mechanical performance, also with lower dielectric factor.


High Voltage Cables include voltage grade ranges in 3.3kV to 36kV (Max.), ideal for power transmission & distribution.

Technical Information


XLPE or TR-XLPE or EPR insulated cables conforming to AS/NZS 1429.1,IEC: 60502-2 and Customer specific requirements

Sizes & Formation

Single Core: Upto 1600mm2

Multi Core: Upto 630mm2

In 1core, 3core and Triplex formation

Voltage Rating

3.3kV to 36kV (Max.)


  • Water/moisture resistant MV cables: Cables designs incorporating corrugated Aluminium sheath (CAS), corrugated Copper sheath (CCU), corrugated Stainless steel sheath (CSS), lead alloy sheath (LAS) or Polyethylene laminated Aluminium tape (APL) are most suitable cable designs to lay in conditions susceptible to water & moisture.
  • Flame retardant (FR), Flame retardant low smoke & halogen (FR-LSH), low smoke, zero halogen (LSZH) MV cables: At stringent places like hospital, cinema halls, shopping malls, tunnels, Airports, intermittent or continuous presence of flammable gaseous materials etc., cables subjected to fire are constructed with the above material for full safety.
  • Rodent & termite resistant MV cables: Cables are designed for robust protection needed to block rodents and polyamide jacket provides anti-termite protection.

Manufactured Standards

Manufactured and Type Tested AS/NZS 1429.1, IEC: 60502-2 and other applicable standards

Supply of 3.3 – 36kV cable,

Formation – 1 core, 3 core, 3×1 core Triplex

Conductor – Cu or AL, Stranded Circular, Stranded Compact Circular, Milliken Segmented

Insulation – XLPE or TR-XLPE or EPR

Metallic screen or sheath – Copper Wire Screen (CWS), Copper Tape Screen (CTS), Lead alloy sheath (LAS), Corrugated Aluminium sheath (CAS), Corrugated Copper sheath (CCU), Corrugated Stainless Steel (CSS), Aluminium poly laminated (APL), Copper Poly Laminated (CPL), Aldrey wire screen (AWS)

Armour – Aluminium Wire Armoured (AWA), Steel Wire Armoured (SWA), Stainless Steel Wire Armoured (SSWA)

Termite Protection – Polyamide Nylon Jacket, Double brass tape (DBT), Cypermethrin

Bedding/ Separation sheath/ Over sheath – PVC, LSHF, LDPE, MDPE, HDPE

We have a complete range of 3.3kV – 36kV cables manufactured to AS/NZS 1429.1 and Independently Type Tested by KEMA and other internationally recognized NATA accredited laboratories.

KEI Medium Voltage Cable Catalogue

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