KEI is proficient in the manufacturing and development of Marine and Offshore Cables. The high quality has been achieved by continuous technological development. KEI offers a comprehensive range of Marine Cable which includes Power, control, signal and instrumentation cables designed primarily for use in offshore & marine applications. KEI is proud to serve with such specializes Marine and offshore cables to the important projects of Indian defence shipyards and private shipyards around the world. Our marine and offshore cables have the national and international acceptance.


Oil and Gas projects, Offshore installations, defence shipyards and bases etc.

Technical Information

Type and Design

  • Conductor: Flexible Electrolytic Tinned or Untinned Class 5 or Class 2 Copper to IEC 60228 or other relevant Bimetallic conductors for thermocouple cables
  • Insulation: EPDM, XLPE, Halogen free EVA based, Silicon Rubber glass braided and varnished, PE, PVC, dual layer EPDM + HF or PVC + Polyamide (Nylon), Fibreglass tape insulation as per NES standard
  • Fire resistant cable: Heat barrier Glass mica tape is over conductor, below insulation
  • Sheath: Thermoplastic halogen free Type SHF1, Cross linked Thermoset type SHF2 or EVA, Silicon, FR PVC, HDPE, MUD resistant SHF2, PCP, CPE or CSP sheath for EPDM or Silicon insulated cables, TPR, Oil resistant SHF2 or SHF4 grade
  • Braid or Armour: ATC wire, APC wire, bronze wire, SS wire, AA wire, Cu braid
  • Instrumentation cables: Cores twisted in Pairs, Triad, Quad to form an element screen provision, each element can have individual or Aluminium Mylar baked tape or Copper Mylar baked tape and ATC drain wire, multi element after twisted together have Aluminium Mylar baked tape or Copper Mylar baked tape and ATC drain wire
  • Special protection: Lead alloy sheath or Nylon jacket is offered as moisture barrier for highly contaminated areas.


Copper: 0.5mm2 to 1000mm2


  • Produced as per globally recognised IEC, IEEE, NEK, UL, BS, NAVAL specifications and as per the country specification.
  • The copper conductor provides excellent corrosion resistance, even at elevated temperatures.
  • Moisture barriers provides excellent protection against water which helps to improve product life and performance.
  • Highly flexible cables, resistant to oil and reactive environment.

Manufacturing Standards

IEC 60092, NEK 606, BS 6883, UL 1309, IEEE 1580, NES 525, 526, 512, 527 and other relevant

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