A new generation of safe devices.

The new explosion resistant terminations of Brugg Cables provide your application with the optimum degree of safety – for your personnel and your assets.

Although high voltage cable systems are extremely reliable and safe, the risk of breakdowns can never be totally excluded. Failures are usually extremely harmful to the surrounding area.

At worst, explosions or breakdowns in cable systems, such as those occurring at a termination, can result in harm to life. Termination breakdowns may also result in the destruction of equipment surrounding the termination, leading to additional costs or outages of the system.

Explosion resistant design

An explosion of a termination during worst case failures cannot be totally avoided. These are caused by maximum short-circuit currents, which are too high. However, the impact of such failures can be reduced. Explosion resistant terminations are designed to prevent major parts of the termination from flying into the surrounding area (> 3 metres) when an internal arc at the field grading stress cone at max. short-circuit currents of 31.5 kA for 170 kV, 50 kA for 245 kV, and 63 kA for 420 kV (all at max. 0.5 s) occurs.

The design is constructed so that overpressure occurring during the internal arc exhausts at the overpressure devices at the top and bottom of the termination. In addition, the design and material of the base plate, and the insulator termination top is made to withstand any greater forces occurring during a short-circuit current. This ensures maximum protection of the surrounding area.

Safety First – Blast Proof Sealing Ends 66 – 420kV Catalogue