CableGrid is the exclusive distributor for the Brugg Cables Switzerland and KEI Cables India’s complete range of Cable and Accessories products in Australia and New Zealand. KEI has joined hands with M/s Brugg Kabel AG, a 110 year old swiss cable giant to upgrade its technology and to manufacture EHV cables Upto 420kV.

Why Our Extra High Voltage Cables

  • The state of the art EHV cable plant with German technology manufactures cables up to 420kV. There are three CCV lines for the same.
  • Single-point-triple-extrusion and sophisticated control and monitoring systems from Machinenbau scholz GMBH & CO. KG and Troester Germany.
  • Both the suppliers mentioned above are well-known names in CCV lines technology and have supplied more than 250 lines world over. The triple extrusion and DCDC process ensure contamination-free cores. All the three layers are well-bounded, and the core has very less eccentricity and ovality. The insulation itself is free of micro voids and has negligible moisture content.
  • X-ray non-touch sensors of SIKORA make for thickness and dimensional control. This system continuously measures the dimensions of insulated cores. The unit has the capability to measure multi-layer dimensions in all directions, record and analyse the data on line.
  • CCV Tube has a Touch less Sag control system. This system ensures no marks/ lines on core unlike the older lines. Facilities like conductor pre-heater, core twister (to control eccentricity/ ovality.
  • DE-gasification process further improves the cable quality by removing gaseous biproducts of curing process.
  • Computerized control system ensures optimum efficiency, fast start-up, synchronized operations of compound feeds, three extruders, CCV line heating temperature zones/ gas supply and pressure, pay off and take up.


Extra High voltage cable is widely used in power transmission utilities and many other industries involved in water, renewable energy, nuclear and thermal power stations, airports, railways, steel, and other manufacturing industries.

Underground power transmission is an alternative to overhead Power transmission and has been proven a safe and convenient mode of power transmission.

Technical Information


Copper and aluminium XLPE insulated cables conforming to AS/NZS 1429.2 / IEC:60840 / IEC:62067 and Customer specific requirements upto 420kV


Aluminium up to 3000mm2
Copper up to 2500mm2

Voltage Rating

Upto 420kV


  • High quality cables produced as per AS/NZS 1429.2, IEC:60840, IEC:62067 and as per the country specification.
  • Water/moisture resistant EHV cables: Cables designs incorporating corrugated Aluminium sheath (CAS), corrugated Copper sheath (CCU), corrugated Stainless steel sheath (CSS), lead alloy sheath (LAS) or Polyethylene laminated Aluminium tape (APL) are most suitable cable designs to lay in conditions susceptible to water & moisture.
  • Flame retardant (FR), Flame retardant low smoke & halogen (FR-LSH), low smoke, zero halogen (LSZH) EHV cables: At stringent places substation buildings, tunnels, Airports, intermittent or continuous presence of flammable gaseous materials etc., cables subjected to fire are constructed with the above material for full safety.
  • Rodent & termite resistant EHV cables: Cables are designed for robust protection needed to block rodents and polyamide jacket provides anti-termite protection.

Manufacturing Standards

KEI is the licensed manufacturer for Brugg Cables Switzerland for all 66kV- 420kV cables. The cables are Independently Type Tested to IEC 60840 at 66kV and 132kV and Independently Type Tested and PQ tested with Brugg accessories to IEC 62067 at 220kV and 420kV by CESI/FGH Europe and other and other internationally recognized NATA accredited laboratories.

Cable Grid Extra High Voltage Cable Supply

Supply of 66kV– 420kV cable

Formation – 1 core

Conductor – Cu or AL, Stranded Compact Circular, Milliken Segmented

Insulation – XLPE

Metallic screen – Copper Wire Screen (CWS), Aldrey wire screen (AWS)

Metallic sheath – Lead alloy sheath (LAS), Corrugated Aluminium sheath (CAS), Corrugated Copper sheath (CCU), Corrugated Stainless Steel (CSS), Aluminium poly laminated (APL), Copper Poly Laminated (CPL)

Armour – Aluminium Wire Armoured (AWA), Stainless Steel Wire Armoured (SSWA)

Termite Protection – Polyamide Nylon Jacket, Double brass tape (DBT), Cypermethrin

Bedding/Separation sheath/ Over sheath – PVC, LSHF, LDPE, MDPE, HDPE

KEI Cable Catalogues for download

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